TESTER - **SUZY BRIGHTS ‘Fire Engine Red’ Whipped Matte (Limit 1 x per order)

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Tester policy:

  • Please discard the tester lids/black transport caps of the tester units prior to displaying testers on your stand. These lids are to protect the tester in transport only and cannot be displayed on the display stand.
  • Please display testers open and slightly wound up to show off the beautiful colour, this will encourage customers to swatch the testers on their hand.
  • Do not display in direct sunlight or heat, this can affect the formula of the lipstick.
  • Do not allow customers to use tester products on their lips due to hygiene. 
  • Limit 1 x per order (order will not allow checkout if more are added to cart).
  • Under no circumstances are testers to be sold/given to customers.